buying-new-homeIt is very important that Morse Contracting and the homeowner have a thorough understanding of what they want to accomplish together. With this in mind, Morse Contracting has developed a comprehensive Homeowner’s Manual: A Guide to the New Home Experience that outlines in considerable detail the home planning and construction process.

At the consultation, Randy Morse sits down with the clients, discusses their goals and then walks them through the Homeowner’s Manual. This consultation is free and the handbook is for the client to keep if they hire Morse Contracting to complete the project.

The Homeowner’s Manual covers the following topics: local government and business community information; an outline of the meetings that will take place during the building process; an explanation of construction material product options; custom features to consider; the various aspects of construction (land development, permits, foundations, framing and carpentry); mechanical systems (electrical and plumbing); roofing; interior and exterior finishings; warranties and home maintenance.

This consultation also provides the potential homeowner with a solid foundation for developing their building budget and planning the construction schedule. It also ensures that nearly every aspect of the custom home building process is fully understood.

All of our past clients have found the design consultation educational and informative.